Monday, 4 February 2013

February Announcement

Hey everyone,

I'll be taking February off from my 'One Good Thing' blog. I have a lot of other projects on that I'm hoping to catch up on.

BUT, you'll be glad to hear (I hope) that I'm publishing a new 'One Good Thing' comic!
It'll contain all my January adventures, but in a format that you can hold and read in the real world!

I'll put another announcement on this blog as soon as it's available :)

Other stuff you can look at while I'm away in February...

  • keep an eye on my MAIN WEBSITE I put lots of drawin' stuff up there all the time :)
  • ask my character Flimsy the Kitten a question on her Q&A website
  • go over to the Her Name Is Calla bandcamp and buy a copy of my new comic 'The Way We Write'
  • come to my launch party for the aforementioned comic! it's at the Cookie Jar in Leicester on Saturday, March 16th, and I have a Facebook event page for it HERE
  • make sure you're following me on TWITTER and FACEBOOK for all the latest news/words/updates/stupid stuff
Hope you're all well and happy :)
Have a lovely February!

Rachael xxx