Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Farewell 'OGT'

Hey guys,

So, um, I hope you won't hate me for this, but I've decided to stop 'One Good Thing'.

It's been super hard to fit in updates around my schedule, and also I realised I would much rather be making silly comics about daily life than be restricted to the whole 'hey this one thing was good today' remit.

That isn't to say the whole 'hey this one thing was good today' remit hasn't been super helpful to me! It has been amazing, and, I think, a huge contributer to my recovering from/coping with depression and coming off antidepressants. So, in a way, this blog has, in itself, been ONE (VERY) GOOD THING. I've had some lovely emails/tweets/comments at conventions from people saying the comics on here have helped them in some way and that makes me so so happy.

It's just, now that I'm feeling a whole lot better, I'm having to force myself to do it - it isn't cathartic anymore. And when I force it, it kinda feels preachy, and false. I don't want it to end up preachy and false. You guys deserve more than that.

But don't worry - I'm doing loads of comics stuff that you can keep up with, including Flimsy, Doctor Who, Vicky Park, The Rabbit, and also some new diary comics soon - watch my main website for news of those OK?:

My main website

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Please follow/like or whatever and get in touch if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for supporting this blog. I love you all.
R xxxxx

<If you're reading this and you're suffering from mental health issues such as depression or anxiety - first off I'd advise you to go see your GP and be honest with them about how you're feeling, and secondly to try to draw/write/sing/anything creative about how you're feeling. It helped me a lot. When I first started this blog I got a few people asking if they could use the idea for themselves and I AM TOTALLY FINE WITH THAT PLS DO IT NOW!>

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Keep Going, Rachael

So it's been a tough couple of days. I'm not really sure why. I've been doubting myself a lot, and I feel like I'm in-between a lot of things at the moment, which is hard for me because I like to feel in control of everything. I also always try to deal with everything at once in my brain, instead of breaking things down and managing with them one by one.

I've been feeling pretty anxious about Thought Bubble, but it will probably be amazing and I will probably have a lovely time. SO I'm going to focus my energy on getting ready for that, then look at other stuff afterwards.

Does any of this make sense?

Oh, and I'm channeling Link. So I can be more brave and that.

R xxx

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


So yeah, sorry for the sporadic updates right now!

To keep up with all this stuff:

I'm always tweeting little panels of The Rabbit as I go: follow me!
There's some info about my Docco Who strip here.
Aaaand you can pre-order the new Flimsy book here!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Poorly Comix

Hi guys,
Sorry there was no comic last week - I've been a bit poorly. I'll try and have a proper update for you tomorrow, but for now - here's a scribbly comic about...being poorly.

R xxx

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


August is usually a difficult month for me. It's full of sighs and regrets and bad memories. This year it has tripped me up a couple of times already; I'm glad it's nearly over. 

I've taken refuge in the smallest of things, like this stupid conversation. ^_^

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Holidays :)

Hi guys,
I'm on my holibobs until the 23rd so there won't be an update this week.
Hope you're all having a lovely time though :)
R xxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 25 July 2014


When I was at the peak (or trough?) of my fight with depression I went through a phase of never using my phone. It was so stupid. I thought every call was going to be bad news so I just never answered. I'm pretty proud of what a good impression of a functioning human being I can do these days.

On a lighter note, I got a box of my stuff back from my old work today that my friend has been looking after for me for YONKS. One of the things inside it was Emi Lenox's 'EMITOWN Vol. 1' graphic novel, which I then had to read cover to cover when I got home. So this update of 'One Good Thing' is sorta inspired by her style. I find Emi's work (especially her diary comics) so honest and touching, I aspire to get to her level one day.

Also, yes I KNOW this update is LATE AGAIN but at least I managed one this week eh? EH!?


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

House Party stuffs :D

The past few days I've mainly been getting the 'House Party' pre-orders ready for sending, and also getting ready for my launch party on Friday and ELCAF on Saturday. 

SO due to busyness this week's One Good Thing is just a scribbly picture of me doing everything I just said...

BUT below the pic I'll put some info on how you can get a copy of the book and/or come party with me and the other Great Beast artists OK!? Jeez...

I don't really have a little wagon. I wish I did.
Also, if I had time to colour this I would have made the wagon red. So just...imagine that, would you? Thanks. You're the best.


You: 'Hey, Rachael! What's the happs? Did you mention a PARTY or summ'n?'

OK guys so it's finally my launch party for 'House Party' this Friday (13th June)!
Oh my gosh, please come! It would mean a whole bunch and I am literally terrified of no one showing up...
It's at Orbital Comics (8, Great Newport Street, London) from 7pm. It's FREE, and there will be a (read: limited) supply of free drinks available. I'll be signing and sketching in books :)
There's a Facebook event for the party here, if you like that sorta thing.

You: 'Hmm, OK. That sounds good but I'm only free on the Saturday. I guess after your launch party you'll be way hungover and in bed all day, huh...'

No you guys I'm totally gonna be at ELCAF all day on the Saturday (14th June)!
I'll be there selling comics with other, amazing Great Beast artists/writers: Robert M Ball, Adam Cadwell, Dan Cox, John Cei Douglas, and Warwick Johnson Cadwell. 
ELCAF is taking place at The Oval, Bethnal Green, London. Tickets are £3 for adults and free for children under 16.
ELCAF's official website is riiiiight here.

You: 'Yeahhh but what if I can't make it to either of those things?? I just want to buy the comic about the house party, yo!'

OMG you can totally pre-order the comic from Great Beast HERE!
They'll be shipping just as soon as I get back home after the weekend :)
When you order you can also choose to have a personalised copy for a little extra cash, if you're into that.

I think that's it. Yay!
I really hope to see lots of you over the weekend! 
Big loves, guys.

R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Here are some pics of the books, don't they look pretty? :D

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Love You Guys

My friends Tiernan and Lauren got back from their month-long honeymoon in America yesterday. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with work lately and they immediately made me feel so much better. 
I am a big brave bear.

ALSO guys I'm totally gonna try to get back on this blog! I'm going to aim to update every Wednesday - let's see how it goes!!

R xxx