Wednesday, 26 October 2011

day off with cat comics


  1. We all want Lucy to go out with Paulo! (Well, the ones who don't still think she should get with Mike anyway!)

    I love your comic! It's a really cool idea to deal with your bad thoughts, and I really admire you for keeping up the good fight against them!

    Just reading about all your little good things gives me a smile and makes me think about all the little good things that happen to me. So thank you for helping keep my spirits up too! I hope you have many more good things to keep you going :)

  2. What a lovely comment, thank you!
    I'm so glad the blog makes you smile. When I first started it I thought I would just keep it as a personal diary and also use it as drawing practice, but then I decided to share it 'cause, I dunno - nothing to lose!
    The comments I've got have been lovely so I'm glad I did :)
    R xxx